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Nuri - Black Nuri - Black Italic Nuri - Black Slab Italic Nuri - Bold Nuri - Bold Italic Nuri - Bold Slab Italic Nuri - Regular Italic Nuri - Light Nuri - Light Italic Nuri - Light Slab Italic Nuri - Regular Nuri - Regular Slab Italic
Mini Typewriter
Nuri -  Typewriter
The Nuri font, which Rocholl created with international fashion magazines such as Arena and Surface in mind, is especial… read more
About the Designer Frank Rocholl
Frank Rocholl is the owner of the eponymous design agency Rocholl Pojects, based in Frankfurt, Germany. He specializes i… read more
Interview with Frank Rocholl
Can you give us a brief description about you and the company you work for?
We’re based in Frankfurt, Germany … read more